Flower Essence Consultations

Flower Essence Consultations for People and Animals


All sessions are conducted over the phone and include a 1oz customized formula mailed to you.

Frequently asked questions:

How does it work?

Step 1 – Preparing for your session

Prior to our session spend some time getting really clear about your intention. What are you wanting support with? How do you want to be supported? Are there specific areas where you feel stuck or hung up?

For some people, putting your thoughts down on paper helps to clarify your intention for the session. The clearer you are the more you will get out of our time together.

If your session is for animal, what is bringing you to seek essences? Often it is a behavior or physical concern such as trauma, separation anxiety, fear, not getting along with others, bullying, jealousy, etc. Sometimes you know why and often it may just be a feeling. Frequently you have more questions than answers. Make a list of your questions and we can include them as part of your session time permitting.

Step 2 – The session

We will spend a few minutes reviewing your intention and creating further clarity and answering any questions about the process. Once we have a clarified intention we will hang up for 15-20 minutes while I do an attunement (an intuitive tuning in) and ask for the best combination of essences to support you in that intention. The last part of our session will be spent going through the formula. Every formula tells a story and provides additional information for your journey. Often times hearing that story is a catalyst to pull you further along.

For animal sessions the attunement often provides deeper insight into what’s happening as well as answer some or all of the questions on your list.

Step 3 – Alchemy in a bottle

All of the essences are alchemically combined with your intention to create your customized formula which will be sent to you energetically as well as physically mailed to you. Your package will also contain instructions, things to consider, and next steps.

How long does it take?

Sessions for people are 60 minutes. Sessions for animals are 45-60 minutes.

Multiple people or animals can be scheduled in one longer appointment. Please contact me directly by email or by calling 650-544-7328 to schedule.

How do I get the most out of my session?

Be ready and willing to show up for yourself. Be very clear in your intention about what you want to create in your life and why. Take a few moments to experience it in a multi-sensory way as if it has already become real. The clarity of your intention will be reflected in the clarity of your essence formula. The more you tune into and pay attention to how you feel and listen to your own inner wisdom the easier it is.

What essences do you use?

I work with essences from around the world including Alaskan Essences, Bloesem Remedies, Delta Gardens, Desert Alchemy, FES, Hawaiian Essences, Healing Herbs, and Indigo Essences. I choose essences that are a vibrational match to your energy field and your intention.

How long do I take the essences, how long will the bottle last and what do I do when I finish the bottle?

The standard dose is 2 drops 4 times a day and at that rate the bottle will last approximately 1 month. Trust your own guidance. If you feel drawn to take them more or less frequently honor that.

When you get down to the last 1/3 to 1/4 of the bottle take a few moments to check in with yourself and ask whether you need another bottle, a slight adjustment, a new formula, or a break.

  • For a refill of the same formula click here. [link to refills]
  • If you need a slight adjustment we can often take care of that via email or a short phone call. Click here. [link to contact page]
  • For a new formula click here to schedule a new session. [link to buy session above]

Can essences be used with any animal?

Yes, essences work great with our domesticated pets as well as wild animals. I have done essences for cats, dogs, bunnies, birds, horses as well as backyard visitors such as wild birds, raccoons, deer and frogs. Animals respond quickly to essence support.

How do you work with animals?

Using intuition to connect with animals is a lot like having the right phone number. In this case your permission to connect with your cat (dog, bearded dragon, horse, bird, etc) Fluffy provides me with that number. Animals don’t always communicate using words. Often they use images, smells, and tastes. Animal communication is an intuitive skill anyone can develop. You may even do it yourself naturally without even realizing you are doing it.

Because I work intuitively with your animals, neither of us need to be in the same room or even the same city as your animal in order for the communication to be effective.

Do you need a picture of my animal in order to communicate with her?

I just need the name, what type of animal, and your permission. If you like to send a picture that’s great. I am always happy to see them and I do not need one in order to communicate with them.

Can you do a consultation for my neighbor’s pet? Or for a baby in utero?

Yes, with the express permission of the guardian. I am a firm believer in good energetic manners and will only connect intuitively with permission.



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