Custom Dosage Bottles

If you are ordering a refill or have a formula from Mary Argo, Sharon Sheppard, or Carla Simmons that you would like me to put together for you make your selection below or call 650-544-7328 to order.

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Choose one of our standardized custom formulas:

Grief Support – created with Mary Argo initially to help ease the hearts of her clients who had recently had pets who died. It is a comprehensive formula that addresses all aspects of grief and the grieving process. It is also helpful for times of great change.

Home Alone – created with Carla Simmons. Formulated to help ease separation anxiety. Can be used everyday for animals who struggle with their person being gone all day at work or on an as needed basis while out of town.

Transition Support – created with Carla Simmons. Transition support is a hospice formula and can be used with people or animals.

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