Channeled Wisdom

Need a little help from the universe to make sense of things? Bring your questions and open mind and see where they take you.


Custom Dosage Bottles

If you have a current formula and need a refill or if you have a formula from Mary Argo, Sharon Sheppard, Carla Simmons, or Teresa Wagner that you would like to have put together for you can purchase online here or contact me here or call 650-544-7328 to place your order.

Custom Solutions

Can you combine a medical intuition scan or channeled wisdom with a customized essence formula? Absolutely! A customized essence formula is a great way to support and take care of yourself.

Flower Essences

Do you have a desire to create or do something new? Struggling with a life change for you or your pet? Have you just been through a period of growth or change? Integrating a new animal or family member into your household? If so, customized flower essence formula may be just what you need.

We are all always in the process of transformation, or change, of becoming more of who we really are. My role as your Flower Essence Practitioner is to listen deeply with my ears and my intuition to facilitate and anchor conscious change using essences as the medium.

I work with essences from all over the world to bring together the perfect combination for wherever you are in the process of change – intention, action, or integration.

$150 includes 1oz essence combination

Flower Essences from the Body’s Wisdom

Let your body put together your essence combination. This is a great adjunct to a medical intuition scan or by itself if you just want the essences without all the information of a scan.

$150 includes 1oz essence combination

Or add to your medical intuition scan for $85

To schedule a flower essence session contact me here or call 650-544-7328.

Intentional Energy Re-alignment for Spaces, Land, and Everything Else

Feeling out of step with your physical environment? Recently moved or remodeled? Selling your home? Starting a new business or venture? Want to refresh or update your existing business? Stuck mid-project? Challenged to bring your vision or mission forward? Do you find yourself continually repeating old patterns? Are you trying to get a new venture off the ground and getting nowhere? An intentional energy realignment session may be just what you need to get back in the groove.

The process of realigning your space, land, business, project or venture with your current conscious intention clears out old energy and energetic patterns and allows for a refreshed, vibrant energetic environment to create from putting you back in step with your vision or mission.

$375 for spaces under 5,000 sf, businesses, projects, and other ventures

$695 for spaces with land between half an acre and 2 acres

For larger spaces such as office buildings, apartment complexes, or spaces with land over 2 acres please contact me here or call 650-544-7328 to discuss.

Includes essences to deeply anchor the new energy.

To schedule your Intentional Energy Re-Alignment contact me here or call 650-544-7328.

 Medical Intuition

Have you been wondering what your body is trying tell you? Do you have questions about your body in general, a specific illness, injury, or condition? Do you have questions for your body?

I am trained and certified in Lori Wilson’s Total Body Intuition™

This system of medical intuition utilizes the attending model. Lori Wilson describes the attending model in her book, De-Mystifying Medical Intuition

Through this method, the body paints a portrait of what is happening with the health of the client. Practitioners report exactly what they observe, experience or hear. They use their client’s physiology as an entry point to attend to the body. They then follow ether the body leads until each observation is complete. Sourcing where the body messages are actually coming from is crucial in this style. Sourcing and attending where the body leads can often uncover underlying root causes or information regarding conditions that can be very specific.

A full comprehensive scan of the body is $375

A single focus or questions regarding a single area of the body is $150

Add a custom essence combination to a medical intuition scan or channeled wisdom session $85

Scans are done in advance of the session and the information is presented during the session exactly as the body presented it without interpretation.

For full scans plan on the session lasting 45-60 minutes and for a single focus scan the session lasts 15-30 minutes and can be done as an audio recording instead of a live session.

Schedule a Session

Contact me here or call 650-544-7328. to schedule a session.

Payment will be taken care at the time of the session with a credit card or PayPal link.

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