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Feeling out of step with your physical environment? Recently moved or remodeled? Selling your home? Starting a new business or venture? Want to refresh or update your existing business? Stuck mid-project? Challenged to bring your vision or mission forward? Do you find yourself continually repeating old patterns in spite of your desire and willingness to have things be different? Are you trying to get a new venture off the ground and getting nowhere?  An intentional energy realignment session may be just what you need to get back in the groove.

The process of realigning your space, land, business, project or venture with your current conscious intention clears out old energy and energetic patterns and allows for a refreshed, vibrant energetic environment to create from putting you back in step with your vision or mission.

For spaces under 5,000 sf $375 [buy button]
For businesses, projects, and other ventures $375 [buy button]
For spaces under 5,000 sf with land between half an acre up to 2 acres $695 [buy button]
For larger spaces such as office buildings, apartment complexes, spaces with land over 2 acres please contact me here for a quote [contact link]

Frequently Asked Questions About Intentional Energy Realignment

What is intentional energy realignment?
Much like removing wall paper before painting, intentional energy realignment clears out the layers of accumulated energy and infuses your conscious intention into your space, land, business, project or other venture creating a vibrant energetic environment.

How does an intentional energy realignement session work?
Step 1 – Preparing for your session
Once you sign up you will receive a brief questionnaire to complete.

Your intention(s) is the most important piece of an Intentional Energy Realignment. Consider what your intentions are and why. Imagine the energy you want infused. The more specific you can be the better. If you meet resistance in the process that’s ok, take a breath and back out of the detail into a more general feeling. Close your eyes and allow yourself to roll around in the energy intention of what you want. What does it feel like? Look like? Smell like? Consider how you experience the transformed energy.

Step 2 – The session
The first of two calls is 15-30 minutes and is spent reviewing the information provided in your questionnaire, clarifying your intention and answering any questions. Once that is complete we will hang up and I will get to the business of clearing and re-patterning. The second call is generally 30-45 minutes during which time we will review any pertinent information that came up, cover next steps, and answer any further questions that you may have. The two calls can, but do not have to be scheduled for the same day. Same day appointments will have a minimum 3 hour time in between calls to allow for the work to happen.

Step 3 – Next steps
You will receive a customized flower essence spray to help anchor your new energy. Each session is unique and sometimes there may be additional things that need to happen such as placing a certain type of plant in a specific location, bringing in specific rocks, crystals, or other meaning filled items, updating contracts, etc.

How long does it take?
For most homes, work spaces, businesses, projects and other ventures the entire process takes 3.5-4 hours. For larger spaces and large areas of land it depends on the size and scope of the realignment.

Do I need to be in the space or doing anything in particular when you are doing the work?
It does not matter whether you are in the space or not. Often it makes it easier to notice the difference if you are not in the space during the realignment.

What does the actual realignment work entail?
Once I have all of your information and intention(s), I begin by intuitively connecting with your space, land, business, project or other venture and do a scan of the current energetic environment. Specific attention is devoted to any areas you feel need targeted attention. Once the scan is complete, the existing energy is cleared and repatterned with your conscious intention. A custom flower essence spray is created to help you anchor the change.

When and why would I want to do this?
•    Anytime your intention for a space changes (ie. Bedroom becomes an office, office becomes a nursery, office becomes a massage room, previous owner was a rancher and you want to set up a B&B, etc)
•    Anytime you move into or out of a space
•    When you are ready to sell your home
•    Anytime the energy feels off or is no longer a match with where you currently are such as after a major life change like a divorce, death, or the kids have all moved out
•    You change direction within your business, start a new one or take on a new business partner
•    You want to start a new career or go back to school

Is this the same as psychic protection?
In my experience, the need for psychic protection or protection from evil or bad energies is an outdated model. I believe that energy is just energy neither good nor bad. I believe that energy that may be considered negative is really just a slower heavier vibration. It’s the same as when you are having a tough day and you run into a friend who is in a great mood – you either allow their higher vibration energy to lift you up or you leave because their good mood (aka higher vibration energy) is driving you nuts because the lower vibration energy and the higher vibration energy is not compatible.

How do I know the energy is different?
Everyone is different in how they feel, take in, and experience energy. Try spending some time away from your space either during the time the work is being done or after it is complete – go to a movie, work, the grocery store, the gym, for a hike, whatever you like to do that will take you out of your space for an hour or so. When you come back into the space after being somewhere else for a while it is often easier to notice whether or not it feels different.

If you are sensitive and attuned to energy you may notice the energy changing as the work is being done. If you are not accustomed to paying attention to energy or you are not noticing anything different, you may want to enlist someone you know who has experienced and commented on the energy in your space to come check it out.

What if it doesn’t work the first time? Will the energy revert back?
Are you familiar with the saying “No matter where you go, there you are?” In my experience when I realign the energy the old energy is cleared out. Because you and everyone who enters and spends time in your space adds to the mix the energy of the space can be effected by things such as long term illness, depression, or unconscious negative patterns which could over time make it feel like the energy has reverted back into an energy that is not in alignment with you.

In my experience, with a regular practice of energetic hygiene such as smudging, using an essence spray, conscious intention, or regularly opening the windows and allowing the air to circulate while asking to refresh the energy, this becomes less of a possibility. Occasionally there are spaces that have multiple layers that need to be realigned over time.

I am not the owner of the space or I rent/lease the space from someone else does that change things?
If you are the owner we can align the land as well as the buildings. If you are renting or leasing we can align the space you renting/leasing.

What do you mean by energy?
Everything is made up of energy, a specific vibration and frequency. Sometimes it is an energy that we are in alignment with and feels good to us and sometimes it isn’t. Have you ever been in someone’s home or a store that felt so good and inviting that you didn’t want to leave? Or the opposite where you can’t get out fast enough regardless of how much you like the person or how visually appealing it is?

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