Why are you here and what do you do now that you are?

You landed here because there’s something in your life you are wanting to change. It maybe personal, with a pet, your space, your business, a project you are working on, or because someone else suggested it. Whatever the case, congratulations! Change can often feel scary and overwhelming and you’ve already taken the first step.

You can relax. My job is to bring you clarity, wisdom and support to mitigate and diffuse the scary and overwhelming through intuitive solutions to clarify, catalyze and support you on your journey.

If you already know what you need you can click on the links below or in the navigation bar to go there directly. If this is your first time here or you aren’t sure what you need you may want to take some time to explore the links below. You’ll find a variety of products and solutions available all with the specific intent of supporting you in whatever is going on in your life.

If you are confused about which products or solutions would serve you best, feel free to reach out to me via email and I’ll do my best to help you decide.

What  I do is help you…

align with your current conscious intention and clear out old energetic patterns allowing for a vibrant energetic environment that resonates with your vision or mission.

What  you should know about me and are we a good fit?

It has always been important to me to find meaning-filled work and connection that feeds my soul as well as supports and empowers others. You have arrived at the place where all that comes together and to that end I offer my intuitive skills to my clients.

Regardless of which solution you choose, it is my great joy to be a clear channel for the information you are seeking whether it is from your body, your pet, a guide, nature, your space, or something else completely.

We may be a good fit if:

  • You are ready to show up for yourself and create change in whatever form it may take.
  • You are looking for deep change and understanding rather than a quick fix.
  • You are looking for and open to fresh perspective.
  • You want to be empowered and supported vs directed.

If you’re interested you can learn more about me and my background on the Meet Allison page and more about how I work on the Solutions and FAQ pages.  If you have any questions contact me here or call 650-544-7328

In any case, welcome. I’m glad you’re here. And I look forward to working together.

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